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Report spam and network
abuse to the authorities.

Abuse Reporting

Use our free reporting tool to alert authorities of spam and network abuse.

Complaint Resolution

Resolve complaints by using our transparent complaint resolution system.

Blocklist Access

Improve network security by integrating our blocklists into your firewall. is the global authority in spam reporting and resolution.

We empower the internet community to take swift action against spammers.

  • Spam Reporting

    Reporting spam is easy and takes just a few seconds. Simply drag-and-drop the spam email from your mail program (or web site) to the spam reporting tool.

  • Resolve Complaints

    The authorities are given time to investigate and resolve the complaint. Failure to resolve the complaint results in being blocklisted.

  • Blocklists and Throttling

    Organizations in charge of network resources are put on a block list and their email and network traffic is throttled or rejected.

Transparency. Integrity. Trust.

Our mission is to reduce spam and network abuse by providing a transparent
framework for reporting and resolving complaints. We give the internet community the
ability to hold spammers and network abusers responsible for their actions.

Report Spam