Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and believe in keeping all of your information safe and confidential. We also believe in not collecting more information than we need to achieve our mission, which is spam reporting and resolution.

We do not under ANY circumstances engage in:
  • Selling or sharing personal information
  • Spamming or promotion of third party services
  • Unlawful or unethical data collection or use

No Tracking. No Third Party Cookies or Analytics

We do not use any third party tracking or analytics services (ex: Google Analytics, Recaptcha, etc). This is done to protect the privacy of our users and to prevent monetization of your private information by third parties. With the exception of spam and network abuse reports, we do not share any data with any third party.

Data Collected

When you submit a spam complaint we extract various data points from the email. These data points are necessary to establish where the email originated from and who to file the complaint with. This data is used to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

In addition to using this data to file complaints, the information collected is also used to create a "blocklist" which is shared with internet service providers and authorities to block repeat offenders.

Our block lists typically include the IP of the offender and their domain. We do not include any personally identifiable information in the block list.

Data Accessible by the Public

Information which benefits the internet community, such as the IP of the offender and their domain is shared publically. Personal information such as your name and email are never shared.

By sharing the domain of the offender we bring attention to their action and create a history of their violations. By sharing the IP of the offender we make e-mail providers and internet service providers aware of potential dangers of providing hosting services to the offender.

Data Accessible by the Complaint Recipient

The raw email submitted as part of a spam complaint is made available to the organization that received the complaint. This may include the ISP, email service provider, registrar, registry, RIR, local government agencies, state and federal agencies and the spam originator.

This is done to ensure they have the information required to investigate and resolve the complaint.

Data Retention

Data which is not essential to operations is purged from our servers every 24 hours.

Raw emails submitted as part of a spam complaint are purged within 30 days of resolution. This is done to protect your privacy in case our services are compromised. Unresolved complaints remain in the queue indefinitely.