About Us

Our mission is to reduce global spam by giving the internet community the ability to report spam and network abuse.

We make it easy for anyone to report spam and we provide the complaint recipient with the tools necessary to resolve it, at no charge.

In addition to spam reporting and resolution, we also aim to organize spam and network abuse information into an open and transparent database accessible by anyone. We seek to be a clearinghouse for spam and network abuse complaints.

Who we are

The Spam.org project is made up of member groups organized for the purpose of global spam reduction. The member groups include individuals, corporations, non-profits and government agencies.

Our core group consists of engineers and security researchers from around the world working in both public and private sectors.

In order to prevent network attacks against our member groups we do not share names of any person or entity involved in the Spam.org project. Our member groups include some of the world's largest internet service providers, e-mail providers and internet backbone operators.

Free and Ethical

We are funded by our member groups and we intend on keeping the service free, forever.

Spam.org exists to serve the public's interest in the area of spam reduction and network abuse monitoring.

Our project does not seek to generate revenue or profit from its operations. We do not seek to monetize any data obtained from our users or visitors. All data collected by Spam.org is used for the purpose of spam reduction and network abuse monitoring and resolution.

Become a Member

We are accepting membership applications for qualified individuals and organizations.

Any person or entity can apply for membership in the Spam.org project. The Spam.org group collectively decides on whether or not to accept an applicant. Membership costs (if any) are determined based on the applicants contribution and involvement in the Spam.org project.

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