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This page is for reporting spam. Looking to report network abuse instead? Visit our report network abuse page.

Report spammers and shut them down.

Internet service providers (ISPs), email service providers, registries, registrars and government agencies take spam seriously and can be held legally liable for spam originating from their network. The CAN-SPAM Act allows the federal government to fine spammers up to $41,484 USD per each spam e-mail.

Reporting spam on will result in alerts being sent to the proper organizations and authorities, based on on the number of violations logged in our system.

  • First Report - We will report the spam to the ISP from which the spam originated and place the IP on a blocklist. The internet service provider will typically take swift action to penalize the spammer and remove their IP from the blocklist.
  • Second Report - We will contact the ISP, registrar, registry and email service provider (if available). This may result in the domain used by the spammer to be suspended.
  • Further Reports - Depending on the number of violations logged in our system, we will continue to contact the ISP, registrar, registry and email service provider. Once the report volume reaches a high threshold we will contact the government in the jurisdication from which the spam is originating from (ex: in the USA we will contact the FTC).

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